Hi! I'm Sarai Rosenberg.

I'm a security engineer and mathematician. with experience using
AWS IAM, Chef, Terraform, Python, Golang, Linux, OpenSSL.

I'm a leader, a mentor, and a team multiplier.

Portfolio 2015-2017

I've worked on several open-source projects.

Demonstrating mouseover and click on repository star, pending state, error state, and unstar.

Repository Recommender

Project recommends Github repositories or users to follow, using a machine learning algorithm based on low-rank matrix approximation.

(Python, JS, React, Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostGRES)

(scipy, pandas, and numpy)

Receiptacle mockup of receipts database UI

Receiptacle PRD

I wrote a design and began writing the back-end for a receipts database to work alongside blocklists.

(Python, Flask, React, MySQL)

Twitter bot to document receipts for a Nazi blocklist


I built a Twitter bot to insert tweets from DMs into the Receiptacle database.

(Python, MySQL)

Past Work

As a Technical Program Manager at Agiloft and as a Product Owner for Idera, I guided product development from concept to launch for over 30 internal, B2B, and B2D SaaS projects. Projects included improvements to UX, UI, documentation, and features supporting scalable implementation of large projects.

Agiloft Contact Entry comparison

Agiloft Contact Entry

I streamlined Agiloft's contact entry by removing pop-up windows, and allowing the user to enter contacts into the same window seamlessly.

3 versions of Agiloft's End User Interface

Agiloft End User Interface

Based on guidance from a UI consultant, I implemented striking changes to Agiloft's end user interface.

Guidelines for Respectful Collection of Demographic Data

Guidelines for Respectful Collection of Demographic Data

Demographic data may be critical to your mission. This article establishes guidelines, explains some reasoning, and provides examples.

Image shows a red fractal on a white background, roughly shaped like a cradle.

Designing Products for Abuse

Products must be designed, from the very beginning, with potential abuse in mind. Fixing the problem starts from asking the right questions. I wrote about some of those questions, and present some research about online harassment.

Facebook reaction UI suggestion

UI of Likes on Social Media

Have you ever stepped into an elevator and pressed a button — then pressed it again because you’re not sure it worked? Social media UI often has this problem.

Image shows purple concentric circles connected by green lines, rotating and oscillating

CodePen experiment

A venture into generative art with JS.


figure 8 horizontal rule

About Me

I'm (no longer!) looking for opportunities in security engineering. I excel at mentoring, strategizing, and risk management. I have experience with infrastructure security, incident response, customer security inquiries, vendor risk assessment, security audits, code and design reviews, and collaborating across teams to deliver high availability services.

What I'm looking for

I want to work for an organization that invests in the growth of its employees, and that invests strategically in long-term growth and stability. I prefer organizations that care about inclusion, equity, justice, and social impact—organizations that have demonstrated that they will stand by their values over their pocketbook.

Career Goals

I want to find a position from which I can grow into a leadership and mentoring role, on a team that values mentoring.

Long-term, I’d like to have an impact on making tech more humane and compassionate, developing products that support a diverse and inclusive user base that thoroughly considers the needs and concerns of their users. Specifically, products should be accessible, be compassionate towards users, be inclusive of cultural and personal differences (e.g., localization, backgrounds, gender, orientation), and protect users from malicious people (harassment, and also fraud).

Technical Skills

  • Python, Golang, Ruby, Elixir
    Chef, Terraform, Docker
    Linux, AWS, IAM, GitHub, SQL, Heroku
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistics, Probability, and Risk Management

Security Skills

  • PKI (OpenSSL)
    Secret Management
    Container Security
  • Patch Management
    Secure Code/Design Reviews
  • Infrastructure Security
    Incident Response

Leadership Skills

  • Mentorship
    Security Education
    Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
  • Speaking
  • Process Improvement
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