Hi! I'm Sarai Rosenberg.

I'm a security engineer and mathematician. with experience using
AWS IAM, Chef, Terraform, Python, Golang, Linux, OpenSSL.

I'm a leader, a mentor, and a team multiplier.

About Me

I excel at designing security architecture, mentoring, and influencing systemic change to build security culture and inclusion. I have experience with cloud infrastructure security, designing PKI, Linux system hardening, incident response, and collaborating across teams to deliver high availability services.

I ambitiously pursue growth opportunities, invest in iterative improvement (e.g., reducing false positives for on-call health), and I love teams that share knowledge routinely.

What I'm looking for

I look for organizations that invest in building a healthy atmosphere of collaboration, teamwork, and mentoring. I prefer organizations that care about inclusion, equity, justice, and social impact—organizations that have demonstrated that they will put values over their pocketbook and firmly address persistent toxic behavior.

I care about working for teams and managers that invest in employee growth, in building trust, and in balancing quick wins with building scalable solutions.

Career Goals

I look for leadership roles, on a team that values mentoring. I want to have pride in and be able to write public blogs about our solutions.

I trained several women on PagerDuty's majority women Security Engineering team from women new to security. We can hire people with compassion and teach the skills we want on our team. I want to build and demonstrate this model for the information security industry.

Long-term, I want to have an impact on making security more humane and compassionate, developing products that support a diverse and inclusive user base that thoroughly considers the needs and concerns of their users—internal and external! Specifically, products should be accessible, be compassionate towards users, be inclusive of cultural and personal differences (e.g., localization, backgrounds, gender, orientation), and protect users from malicious people (harassment, and also fraud).

Technical Skills

  • Python, Ruby, Golang, Elixir
    Chef, Terraform, Docker
    Linux, AWS, IAM, GitHub
  • DevSecOps
    Security Architecture
  • Statistics, Probability, and Risk Management

Security Skills

  • PKI, OpenSSL
    Secret Management, Vault
    Container Security
  • Patch Management
    Incident Response
    Threat Modeling
  • Infrastructure Security
    Secure Code/Design Reviews

Leadership Skills

  • Mentorship
    Security Education
    Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
  • Improving on-call
    Building compassionate security culture
    Building mentorship programs
  • Speaking
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Recent Work


Portfolio 2015-2017

I've worked on personal open-source projects, and I write on Medium.

Demonstrating mouseover and click on repository star, pending state, error state, and unstar.

Repository Recommender

Project recommends Github repositories or users to follow, using a machine learning algorithm based on low-rank matrix approximation.

(Python, JS, React, Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostGRES)

(scipy, pandas, and numpy)

Receiptacle mockup of receipts database UI

Receiptacle—Product Design Doc

I wrote a design and began writing the back-end for a receipts database to work alongside blocklists.

(Python, Flask, React, MySQL)

Twitter bot to document receipts for a Nazi blocklist


I built a Twitter bot to insert tweets from DMs into the Receiptacle database.

(Python, MySQL)

Guidelines for Respectful Collection of Demographic Data

Guidelines for Respectful Collection of Demographic Data

Demographic data may be critical to your mission. This article establishes guidelines, explains some reasoning, and provides examples.

Image shows a red fractal on a white background, roughly shaped like a cradle.

Designing Products for Abuse

Products must be designed, from the very beginning, with potential abuse in mind. Fixing the problem starts from asking the right questions. I wrote about some of those questions, and present some research about online harassment.

Image shows purple concentric circles connected by green lines, rotating and oscillating

CodePen experiment

A venture into generative art with JS.


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